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Finally, at the end of the samadhi process, there is recognition of purusha, as higher and higher forms of consciousness are penetrated. In the words of Samkhya philosophy already seen in the Mahabharata, the dynamics of prakriti – its three gunas – have been brought into equilibrium. Purusha has been separated or isolated – there is solitude (kaivalya). It is important to note here that this is exactly the opposite of the Brahmin view of realisation encountered in the Upanishad and Vedanta philosophy. Here in a Brahmin sign system the end result was union’, the meditator becoming one with the underlying non-duality of the cosmos, an ontological transformation. However in the Samkhya discourse of the YS the end result is a dis-union, a separation of two principles, which have hitherto been entangled with each other. This time it is an epistemological transformation.

This is in short the ashtanga-yoga largely to be found at end of chapter 2.

Chapter 3 mainly deals with the magical power and the special consciousness connected with yoga practice and samadhi. Most scriptures throughout Indian history dealing with religious practices and Ways of Liberation are occupied by accounts of superhuman powers (Sarbacker 2008, White 2009). Similarly the YS spends a whole chapter (out of a total of four) on matters of supernatural powers and blissful conditions accompanying yoga practice251. This indicates that the compiler sees supernatural powers as central to a discussion of yoga. The chapter is called vibhuti meaning manifestations of super human powers. When actually describing the various supernatural yoga powers the term siddhi – meaning perfection – is used.

If this is the case try sitting on a towel or Morning yoga poses for weight loss two, or a folded blanket, to make yourself more comfortable. Sitting tall, you Morning yoga poses for weight loss will want to bring the soles of your feet together, typically holding them with your hands, but your hands may be placed in various positions depending on who teaches you. For our purposes hold your feet but don’t be surprised if you are instructed otherwise. This is also a position you rarely sit it so it will help stretch certain neglected parts of your body. This pose not only gives you an excellent stretch, but you will also most likely be forced to confront your limitations. This pose requires a combination of stability, effort and flexibility. Because of the open position of your legs, it gives a big stretch to your groin area which can be difficult for some. This is a good stretch to try and push through some discomfort and try to just relax into and enjoy the stretch without putting yourself in too much danger.

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