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Every society undergoing dramatic social changes like those in the West after WW2 will experience social groups struggling to adapt to the changes. The counterculture of the 60s and 70s was not just romanticist opposition but also a milieu for middle class dropouts. Many young people for instance failed in long and almost endless processes of education. The counterculture fighting for new ways of living was in fact a mixed culture of romanticist-opposition and failure-to-adapt. In the early 1970s the counterculture faded out and many became absorbed by the 1970s elevation of New Age Spiritualism. The romantic hippie had become spiritual.

This mixture of opposition and drop-out repeated itself within sub-cultures of the spiritual movement of the 1970s: the New Age. So like the counterculture, some New Age groups in my experience became a refuge for marginalised youngsters in the later part of 20 century. Many young people struggling to adapt to society (still the same reasons, long education, competitive pressures, the weakening of the stability of the family) joined the New Age oppositional culture dressed up as spirituality.

Pull your tailbone toward your heels and toward the floor. Noose Pose Yoga This is to stabilize your lower back so that you can stretch forward more strongly. The Noose Pose Yoga tailbone action will initiate an outward rotation down the legs: the heels and backs of the knees now face straight up. Lift up onto your forearms briefly to pull your upper body away from your legs.

Lie back down and put your hands next to the sides of your chest, with your palms down, fingers pointing outward a bit, and forehead on the floor. Lift your shoulders away from the floor, with your head still touching the floor and keeping your shoulders square across. Inhale; lengthen forward through your whole torso. Expand from inside.

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