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The split into yoga scholars and yoga popularisers

In other words, during this post-war period we witness a break up of the Western modernist yoga culture into two distinct and separate cultural fields – a scholarly field found within academic institutions and a popular field found in the market and formed by the nascent consumer culture. The intellectual scholarly field was hitherto a central part of Western elite culture. Until then the Orientalists had been widely read and had interacted intensely with urban cultural elites and middle classes. However the Indologist scholars (Wikipedia link) emerging after WW2 became isolated in the notorious intellectual ivory towers. The academic yoga discourse mainly retreated to departments of religious studies. It was from now on conducted by people primarily trained in Sanskrit and hermeneutics (textual interpretation), by scholars heavily influenced by phenomenological and essentialist philosophy and methodology (see Contemplation on this intellectual yoga discourse ).

K. S. Iyengar in 1976 and plays an active role in the Iyengar Yoga community.Padmasana Pose Yoga Patricia has a variety of yoga videos available on the market, many of which are frequently advertised in Yoga Journal magazine. 2.Padmasana Pose Yoga John Friend is the founder of Anusara Yoga, a system that integrates bhakti or devotional yoga with universal principles of alignment, and is author of Anusara Yoga Teacher Training Manual Anusara Press, 1999. John began practicing asanas in 1973 at the age of thirteen, and went on to apprentice several teachers of different traditions until 1989, when he went to Pune, India, to study with B. K.

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