Paschimattanasana Pose

Paschimattanasana Pose

In this pose you will be sitt’ng flat on the floor and folding forward over your legs. As you sit on the floor, have your legs stretched straight out in front of you, and keep your hips pushed back so that your back is not rounded and you are bending at the hip joints rather than the spine. Pull your lower belly in as you lift your spine. Lift your chest up, folding at your hips and exhale as you lower your chest towards your legs.

Make sure that you keep your spine straight and your lower belly pulled in. Grab hold of your big toes with your hands, and still keeping your back straight and your belly pulled in, fold yourself lower to rest your chest on your legs. Be sure to not pull on your toes with your arms in order to force yourself down. Let your torso do the work rather than your arms.

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What are you plugged into? For many of us, it’s the obvious that first comes to mind: those earbuds or that smartphone or your mother’s opinion.

Go deeper and you may realize that there are thousands of things that you are plugged into, whether it be the assumption that you should be married by a certain age or the guilt that you have carried since you moved away from your parents. There are invisible plugs that you probably haven’t disconnected in years. What better time than the present to clean house?

Take a seat and close your eyes.

Take a few deep and cleansing breaths to center yourself in the present moment.

As you feel more grounded, bring your awareness to the crown of your head. Imagine circuits coming out of the top of your head, plugging into beliefs, attitudes, and thoughts.

As you get a sense for this, imagine unplugging each one.

Unplug from your company’s motto.

Unplug from your spouse’s opinion.

Unplug until you are only left with your unthinking self.

Sit in this space for a while, and then consciously decide what you would like to plug back into. Set your circuits intentionally, and get ready for the authentic to come your way.

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