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Practice is essentially a process of directed effort followed for a long time, without interruption, as a gradual progression.Plank Pose Yoga It is the backbone of all yoga, and it is also important that practice be conducted enthusiastically and with optimism to ensure success.

Plank Pose Yoga The second chapter is called Sadhana-pada spiritual path, or the means by which we obtain the previously unobtainable. It teaches us that the practice of yoga will reduce both physical and mental impurities, develop our capacity for self-examination, and also help us to understand that, ultimately, we are not the masters of everything that we do. Also in this chapter, Patanjali takes us to a deeper understanding of misapprehension and its misdirection of our actions believed to be the source of all problems.

This is what is known as avidya, or knowledge other than right knowledge. Avidya is the false state of understanding, which is when we think we are doing the right thing but it is inevitably wrong, or when we don’t trust our instincts when we are right, and then convince ourselves otherwise. In the third and final fourth chapters, Vibhuti-pada and Kaivalya-pada, Patanjali discusses the capacity of the mind to become free from distractions and deeply contemplative through th£- practices and concepts laid out in the first two sections.

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