Power Yoga For Back Simple and Easy Exercise

Namaskar I’m david at and welcome to Anand over power you go for back Power Yoga is a complete body workout which focuses on strength stamina flexibility and total body fitness power yoga for back will not only help you to strengthen the back muscles. But will also make them flexible power yoga back technique for you start this with a Namaskar position pseudonym ask opposition one have a good backward Bend then come to the hip hinge position from your extend your hands in front this is the tabletop position then go down. And enjoy a wonderful stretch for the legs as well as the back then come back take one leg back both the legs back. And the downward facing dog again a wonderful stretch for the legs. And the back from here just lie down your abdominal eased up just spin down now take both the hands in front and without lifting the legs you just raise both the hands. And your upper body up and again go down inhaling you’re taking the hands. And the upper body up exhaling you’re going down do like this for about four to five times.

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And then relax for the big nose you can have the same movement it’s light support wherein you hold the fist of one hand from behind keep it at your lower back push the elbows closer hold this position in that. And then have a same moment inhale up exhale down inhale up and exhale down once again inhale up and exhale down and relax then you release the hats take the hands by the side of your shoulders the arms. And come back to downward facing dog after the workout this position helps you to relax the back muscles then come one leg forward the lunch booze. And the forward bending pose again this pose relaxes the back ministers stretches the black back muscles then come to the table top up towards the hip hinge and how the backward Bend stretching the back back side. And come out just feel the effect of this practice this practice helps you to strengthen the lower back muscles. And the movement that you’re having before going to that practice helps you to make the bat masses flexible you.

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