Powerful Yoga Pose

Powerful Yoga Pose


As the name suggests, this Yoga Pose builds inner power, strength, and heat by drawing all your energy inside your body. With the longer hold, it fires up your legs and abdominal muscles as well as your willpower. This Yoga Pose is also called Lightning Bolt because of both its shape and energizing quality!

QUALITY Energizing EFFECT Heat, strength PROPS None GAZE Forward and up

1 Begin in Mountain Yoga Pose Pose. Inhale your arms up and exhale to bend your knees as you send yo hips back and down so your thighs are parallel to the ground.

2 Keep sinking down while drawing your tailbone down and lifting the navel back to lengthen your lower back.

3 Lift your chest but soften your lower ribs down to avoid overarching. Draw your shoulders down and away from your ears as you reach your arms up or j oin them as if in prayer.

4 Look forward. Keep the back of your neck long by slightly releasing your chin and jaw.

5 Stay for 5 steady breaths before coming up to stand in Mountain Yoga Pose with your arms by your sides.

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