Program Plan for Flexibility

Program Plan for Flexibility

Exercise Areas Stretched Frequency (check ✓)

Head turns and tilts Neck

Towel stretch Triceps, shoulders, chest

Across-the-body and overhead stretches Shoulders, upper back, back of the arm

Upper-back stretch Upper back

Lateral stretch Trunk muscles

Step stretch Hip, front of thigh

Side lunge Inner thigh, hip, calf

Inner-thigh stretch Inner thigh, hip

Hip and Trunk Stretch Trunk, outer thigh and hip, lower back

Modified hurdler stretch Back of the thigh, lower back

Leg stretcher Back of the thigh, hip, knee, ankle, buttocks

Lower-leg stretch Back of the lower leg

Single-leg Deadlift Hamstrings and gluteal muscles

You can monitor your program using a chart like the one on the next page.

Program Plan for Flexibility Photo Gallery

Flexibility Program Chart

Fill in the dates you perform each stretch, the number of seconds you hold each stretch (should be 15-30), and the number of repetitions of each (should be 2-4). For an easy check on the duration of your stretches, count “one thousand one, one thousand two,” and so on. You will probably find that over time you’ll be able to hold each stretch longer (in addition to being able to stretch farther).

Assessing Muscular Endurance for Low-Back Health

The four tests in this lab evaluate the muscular endurance of major spine-stabilizing muscles. These tests are the trunk flexor endurance test, back extensor endurance test, side bridge endurance test, and the front plank endurance test.

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