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Maharani is a beautiful boutique on London's Fullham Road, that sells exclusive designs from Archana Sha. A leading fashion designer in Gujarat. Widely known throughout India for encouraging craftsmen and women to use their skills in the clothing that she makes. Archana uses the finest silk and cotton weaves, running stitch designs and embroidered muslins to create beautiful garments including sumptuous blue raw silk jackets and quilted cotton coats ranging from size 8-20.

Made especially for yoga enthusiasts, Padus are the new revolutionary slip on footwear that can be worn whilst practising yoga wherever you find yourself.

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Handmade and crafted to cup bare feet, they are designed to prevent the spread of germs that easily breed when sharing yoga mats or even floor focused equipment. The footwear was launched exclusively through the Body in The Balance Shop last month with the aid of celebrity yoga fans les Ferdinand and model Olivia Inge. Along with preventing the spread of germs, Padus help keep feet fresh and aid sustainability in tough yoga positions and are guaranteed to keep the feet warm in winter and cool in summer.

Padus are designed by yoga teacher and owner of Shanti Life, Kim Williamson and are made from from anti-bacterial, hemp – which can prevent the spread of germs from fitness mats to people.

H, e is often referred to as ‘yoga s rock star, and he is loved by yoga insiders and rock royalty alike Madonna and Sting (Sting has a guest appearance in Krishna Das' second album) are among his fans, both appreciating his soulful voice and Hindu Kirtan melodies which combine traditional sounds with a modern twist.

Grammy nominated, US vocalist, Krishna Das (known simply as ‘KD to friends, family and fans alike) is the world's best-selling chant artist of all time. His chants are mesmerising and moving, his voice hypnotic and soulful, striking a deep chord in even the most casual listener. It is not surprise that he sells out tours and fills arenas and yoga centres worldwide.

Originally from Long Island, New York, music was part of his life from the get-go. And at the age of nine he was introduced to the joyous magic of rock n' roll. By the time he hit his teenage years he was leading a sort of double life -by day a typical basketball playing teenager and by night a Stones Blues freak spending his time in Greenwich Village.

With dreams of becoming a blues singer, in second year university KD hooked up with a band, that would later become the Blue Oyster Cult, dominating the heavy metal scene. After jamming for a while KD went his own way and pursued his growing interest in Eastern Philosophy. It was shortly after, in the winter of 1968, when KD, disillusioned by academia and drifting, met Ram.

Dass – the spiritual writer and teacher who would forever change his path.

In August 1970, Krishna Das made his first pilgrimage to India, where he met and stayed with Ram Dass' guru, the beloved Maharaj-ji -an extraordinary man who espoused a potent message of unconditional love. During his three years in India he began to chant as part of his practice of Bhakti yoga – the yoga of devotion.

Six months after returning to America upon the instruction of Maharaj-ji, Krishna Das was grief-stricken upon hearing the death of his beloved guru. To cope with his sadness, he took solace in music, finding peace and strength in his own Bhakti yoga practice, and the creations of his musical heroes Ray Charles, Van Morrison and Bruce Springsteen. Yet it wasn't until 1994 that he began to share his now renowned chanting practice with the world.

‘It took me 20 years to really, truly recognise that if I wanted to find happiness again. I had to find it in me. Chanting was the only way I could do that. I just knew that if I did not start chanting – with people – I'd never be able to get rid of the dark places in my own heart.

A worldwide icon and the best-selling chant artist of all time. Krishna Das performed at the Grammys in 2018 and was a Grammy Award nominee in 2012 for Best New Age Album of the Year'.

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