Relaxing Yoga Poses Before Bed

Hands (Oriental regime)

This Oriental massage is done in a kneeling position, and to do it properly you need a watch with a minute hand.

1. Hand rub.

A. Place hands together in the ‘prayer' position with thumbs at nose level. Rub together vigorously and quite firmly for a full one minute. This seems like a long time and gives the experience of quite severe tension and stress in the arms and hands. Keep with this feeling and commit it to your memory.

B. After the minute is up, shake the hands as if you were shaking off some washing-up water.

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Shake for one full minute, first using the whole arm and then both hands only. The tension release is felt during this process. Keep with this feeling and try to remember it.

C. Then, using the back of the right hand, friction the back of the left hand quite firmly, recalling the feeling of tension. Do this 10 times.

D. Then slide all five fingers of the right hand lightly down over the five fingers of the left hand, remembering, if you can, the relaxed feeling you got after your prayer hand rub and shake.

Repeat the friction and stroking 10 times.

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