Learn the bare bones of the massage relaxation technique until it is automatic before attempting to synchronize any breathing and feeling response (see Days Two and Three). Allow about 30 minutes for the session.

1. Hands (Swedish regime)

a. Take the left hand, with its palm upwards, and hold it in the right hand so that the right thumb can rub (massage) the palm of the left hand, and the thumb and fingers. Get an idea of gentle massage in contrast to harder friction.

b. Turn the left hand over and give friction (fast massage) to the back of the left hand, using the right thumb. While giving friction concentrate on breathing in, counting one – and – two – and -three – and.

Repeat with other hand.

c. Now rest your left hand on your knee (palm towards the leg), hand slightly clasped. Use palm of right hand to stroke from your fingers towards the wrist of your left hand. Start with quite firm stroking and gradually make stroking lighter as you move up the hand. By the time the finger bases are reached the stroking should be light. While you are thus stroking (massaging), concentrate on the out breathing process of one – and -two – and – three – and. Repeat with other hand.


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