Restorative Yoga Poses : Extended Supported Bridge

Extended Supported Bridge

Backbend, Inversion • 8 to 10 minutes


  1. bolsters (or make 2 from 4 rolled blankets or 2 large pillows) Block (or large hardcover book or a pillow)


  • Inverting is contraindicated for pregnancy, hernia, severe acid reflux, brain injuries, glaucoma, and high blood pressure. In these cases, substituteLegs Up the Bolster.
  • Ensure the bolsters are wide enough for you to feel stable and supported.
  • If you’re tall, you may need additional support for your feet.

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  • Gently stretches your neck, chest, and shoulders.
  • Eases tension in your neck and jaw.
  • Invites a sense of weightlessness.


  1. . Place two bolsters end to end with the block at one end for your head.
  2. . Carefully sit on the bolster closest to the block and extend your legs along the other bolster.
  1. . Using your hands for support, lie back so that your head is resting on the block, and the rest of your body is supported by the bolsters. Release your arms.
  1. . Remain in Extended Supported Bridge for 8 to 10 minutes. To exit, bend your knees, place one hand down on the ground next to you, and gently roll off the bolsters.


Stay present to the abundance of support that is available to your heart and feel your body melt into the bolsters as stress and tension roll off your shoulders.

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