Seated Twist Yoga Pose

Seated Twist Yoga Pose

• Severely traumatized nails or nails repeatedly damaged may remain deformed permanently. They can be removed through an office surgical procedure, if necessary.

• Some who have their big toe nails removed feel sensitive at the end of the toe on top. Most are quite relieved to have the thick nail eliminated.

• Women with pedicures and artistic nail polish tend to delay trimming their nails and increase the chance of nail damage.

• When a new nail grows in, it can hide beneath a damaged nail for weeks before the damaged nail becomes loose and begins separating. The leading edge of the new nail looks like a hump, but behind the hump is a normal nail.

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The sharper leading edge does not have to slide over the old nail bed skin. Both grow out together at the same speed.

• A doctor (podiatrist especially) can treat the nail and usually speed the recovery. Podiatrists can also help to maintain damaged nails while the trauma is eliminated, breaking the damage cycle. On-going personal maintenance is necessary to prevent damage from regular workouts. A pedicure may help, but usually does not produce the level of thinness needed.

• Usually, only a couple of days are needed to recover from nail damage – unless medical treatment was required.

• Further damage may occur and other Yoga Injuries are possible due to compensating, and yoga abnormally.

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