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We all know that there is strength in numbers and in sharing a collective experience, and this is how I have come to view the church today. Side angle Pose Yoga This shift in my perception allowed me to realize that it is the experience of unity that brings us closer to God. On a crisp, sunny Saturday afternoon on the eve of Easter, I scurried off to St. Joseph's for a rehearsal.

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Up until that day, the church had been devoid of all music and decorative elements for the whole of the Lenten season a period of penitence for Christians that lasts forty days from Ash Wednesday through Easter.

That day, however, it was bustling with activity: Flowers were being arranged, the organ was being tuned, and everything else received a thorough cleaning, all in preparation for the evening's Easter vigil mass. We all piled in quietly and stood in formation on the dais along with Father Tos, who was going over our cues for the night's ceremony. Side angle Pose Yoga After rehearsal, we broke for several hours, only to return to the church an hour before mass to change into our white robes.

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