Side Bridge Endurance Test Equipment

Side Bridge Endurance Test Equipment

1. Stopwatch or clock with a second hand

2. Exercise mat

3. Partner


Warm up your muscles with some low-intensity activity such as walking or easy jogging. Practice assuming the side bridge position described below.

Side Bridge Endurance Test Equipment Photo Gallery


1. Lie on the mat on your side with your legs extended. Place your top foot in front of your lower foot for support. Lift your hips off the mat so you are supporting yourself on one elbow and your feet (see photo). Your body should maintain a straight line. Breathe normally; don’t hold your breath.

2. Hold the position as long as possible. Your partner should keep track of the time and make sure that you maintain the correct position. Your final score is the total time you are able to hold the side bridge with correct form from the time you lift your hips until your hips return to the mat.

3. Rest for five minutes and then repeat the test on the other side. Record your times here and on the chart at the end of the lab.

Right side bridge time:sec

Left side bridge time:sec

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