Single Nostril Breath

The meanings of the asanas are often suggested by their names, and those named after animals hold some of the more interesting parallels.Single Nostril Breath As the camel’s poor eyesight pushes the animal to rely on some inner compass to navigate its way through the inhospitable climate of the desert, so does this posture require one to consider another way of seeing. The shape of this posture places one’s head and vision behind the bodv.Single Nostril Breath As in the sir-sasana, our world is turned upside down and our perspective inverted. With the change of our everyday, forward-facing vision, we can cultivate a more important inner vision. The back-bend itself presents a challenging and less-than-hospitable environment for the body. But when developed and practiced properly, ustrasana fosters balance and strengthens the spine. This posture simultaneously opens the chest and pelvis, promotes flexibility in the shoulders, and stretches and tones the lower abdominals and quadriceps.

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