Standing Yoga Poses are full-body Yoga Poses and the core of any yoga practice. They cultivate strength and flexibility simultaneously, not one at the expense of the other. They heat the body for improved digestion and bring flexibility to the hips, legs, feet, arms, chest, shoulders, and spine, all the while making deeper Yoga Poses possible through repetition. They can be practiced on their own or as a part of a sequence. Make sure to always practice standing Yoga Poses on the right side first, and then the left side, allowing for consistency and a natural clockwise movement.

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It’s important to minimize distraction and focus on what you are doing while studying. Prior to hitting the books, have a comfortable seat (perhaps in the chair that will be supporting you while you wile away the hours).

Close your eyes. Bring your focused attention to your breath, counting one as you inhale and one as you exhale. Then, count to two. Go all the way to ten (it is harder than you think!).

If you get lost along the way, start back at one. If you get up to ten, count backward from ten until you feel that your mind is clear and you are more centered. Studies have shown that mindfulness exercises can improve test scores as meditators have fewer task-unrelated thoughts sure beats extra time in the library.

Overdid the holiday eating or drinking? As much as our health intentions may sway toward moderate, holiday parties can bring out the human in all of us. After the holidays are over, it can be easy to put our minds on overdrive, devising exercise plans and diets that will get us back to our normal selves.

It is wonderful to plan to be healthy. However, too much planning means not enough time in the present moment. It also often means you aren’t being too nice to yourself. Over-planning can be a sign that you aren’t accepting yourself as you are and you are fantastic, even when you have had too many cookies.

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