Table or Crab Pose Yoga

There was a Siddha Yoga winter retreat being held in Northern California, not far from where I grew up.Table or Crab Pose Yoga I invited my mother to join me there for my birthday. I was the age that she had been when she had given birth to me thirty years before. We ventured to Santa Clara, and roomed together in a convention center hotel just off the highway. My mother had been intrigued by my recent fascinations with the spiritual realm, ‘ and seemed thrilled that I had chosen her to spend my birthday with.Table or Crab Pose Yoga I talked her through various aspects of yoga that were now familiar to me, but left some things for her own discovery through observation and experience. She joined me in chanting the GuruGita early in the mornings, and in volunteering to help serve others in the breakfast queue in the cafeteria. She sat by my side in meditation, cross-legged on the floor for hours at a time without complaint.

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