Tree Pose

Tree Pose

Tree Pose is a great way of working with balance, learning to sway with the winds of life, and of opening the hips, which is where we store old emotions.

Start at the top of your mat, feet hips’ width apart. Feel your feet rooted down on your mat at three points: under the ridge under your big toe, the ridge under your pinky toe, and at the center of your heel. Allow your toes to wiggle, even as the rest of your feet ground down.

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Keeping your right foot grounded down, begin to let your left foot slowly lift. You have many options here you can simply kickstand your left foot; bring the bottom of your left foot to rest on your right calf; or bring it to the inside of your right thigh. Just make sure that your left foot is not placed on your knee. Keep your breath smooth and steady. You may feel yourself sway that’s great! Feel how strong you are rooted down even as you sway.

You may take your hands to your hips; lift your arms over your head, palms facing in toward each other; reach your arms out into a V shape and float them like branches to your tree; or any other formation that feels right to you. See whether you can open your hips a bit more by drawing your left knee toward the back of the room

After several rounds of breath, lower your arms through center to your side and lower your elevated foot to the ground. Repeat on the other side.

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