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OM is a great exercise for beginning any other form of meditation, too. Triangle Pose Yoga In fact, instead of focusing on the movement of your breath alone, which we discussed in a previous chapter, you could simply work with OM, exploring the full range of the complete sound, A-U-O-M. Some practitioners may also invoke their meditation by ringing a special brass bell, each ring an equivalent of the spoken OM. In his book The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan, Bhajan, a master of Kundalini Yoga, teaches the Sat Nam mantra, which is comprised of five primal sounds Sa, Ta, Na, Ma, and a sound that is a common denominator in all four, Ah.

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Meaning Truth Manifested, Sa Ta Na Ma produces a total vibration proportional to that of all creation.

Broken down, Sa means totality, Ta means life, Na refers to death, and Ma is resurrection. Triangle Pose Yoga Bhajan instructs his students to chant this mantra, while alternating touching the thumb to each finger in a mudra, simultaneously to making each sound, in three different ways. First, he suggests chanting out loud, in the voice of the human being.

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