Trikonasana Pose Yoga

But despite my tumble, I wasn’t fazed. I felt so good walking out of the door from class that I knew I would be back. Trikonasana Pose Yoga As my lifestyle was changing, so, too, was my focus in school. My courses changed, as well, reflecting the influence of the last several months. I enrolled in classes called Death and Dying, Trikonasana Pose Yoga Theism, Atheism, and Existentialism, and Jungian Dream Analysis. The last greatly appealed to me, as I had been having numerous dreams about my father since his passing. I was a junior now, and it was becoming clear that my academic concentration was being redirected toward the spiritual. Somehow, I felt closer to my dad than ever, as our separation was no longer a matter of mere mileage.

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Triangle (Trikonasana) Yoga Pose

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