Uddiyana Bandha Pose Yoga

Her gentle voice immediately brought me back to my earliest connection to Kundalini Yoga, and the classes I had attended in California some years before. Uddiyana Bandha Pose Yoga I followed along with the other students in vinyasa, until we reached the final series of inversions. The poses were familiar, but not the pace. Prema and I were in the center of the , narrow, lavender painted room, which had grown warm and sticky from the perspiration of so many jammed together.

When everyone went into the commanded headstand pose, I joined the others, as if I had assumed the posture only yesterday. Uddiyana Bandha Pose Yoga Just as I managed to balance my legs directly above me, Sharon walked by. At that moment, I had been thinking about what I must have looked like from an outside perspective, so tall and lanky, when I fell, my legs crashing down, barely missing the yogi behind me. I landed with a bang, my lower back hitting one of the wooden blocks that were designed to assist you in the more difficult poses.

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