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During an attack, white blood cells rush to the joint Vinyasa yoga poses for weight loss, causing inflammation. The joint tissue swells and the skin over the joint becomes tight, Vinyasa yoga poses for weight lossshiny, and crimson. The pain can be excruciating. In his book The Duke University Medical Center Book of Arthritis, David Pisetsky writes, One patient told me during an attack he noticed a housefly in the bedroom and couldn’t take his eyes off that fly, terrified it would settle on his toe. Another worried that a piece of peeling paint from the ceiling was going to drop off on his toe. 14 Gout affects an estimated 2.1 million Americans. At middle age and younger, men are more likely than women to have gout.

What is the second technique of vairagya (detaching) specifically about? As in Buddhism, the purpose of detachment (1.15) is to stop the cravings. Detachment is about dropping our attachments (clinging/desires). It sounds good, but again the reader must ask, how do we actually do this?

Several interpretations are possible. One interpretation is that the same methods used for abhyasa (repetitive practice – see above 1.33-39) can by used to achieve vairagya (detachment). I.e. the two practices of Nirodha-yoga are using the same methods. This would fall in line with presumed Buddhist roots. But detachment (vairagya) could also be achieved through the methods of tapas and svadhyaya (chanting of scriptures) from the kriya-yoga of chapter 2 – but is it plausible to mix and match notions from various parts of the YS?

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