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Baddha Konasana cover imag When translated, baddha means bound or caught, kona means angle.Viparita Karani Pose Yoga With the knees bent at an acute angle out to the sides, the heels of the feet touching each other near the perineum, and the feet Viparita Karani Pose Yoga addition to relieving menstrual discomfort caught by the hands, baddha konasana is a very and the symptoms of menopause. It helps pre- important asana, especially when held for as vent sciatica and hernia, and it strengthens the long as possible.

This posture is a particular bladder and uterus. The posture also stretch- blessing to women, as it tones the kidneys and es the inner thighs, groin, and knees, and can alleviates urinary and uterine disorders, in even relieve depression and fatigue. My sisters and I were born very closely to one another, all within the span of three years. For the most part, we have managed to stay close throughout our lives. When we were younger, we worked out a rotation plan that would allow us each to take a turn as the other’s maid of honor, long before there were any prospects in line although the birth order took a bit of a detour when my younger sister Erin married before me, the middle daughter.

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