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I felt that perhaps I could help other students like myself, who can so easily become overwhelmed or even misled by the vast information that is currently available.Virasana Pose Yoga I felt that far too much misdirected attention was being brought to yoga for the wrong reasons, such as the emphasis on the outwardly physical benefits of the practice a typical cultural obsession of we Westerners or the publicity of celebrity endorsements, which seems to be more the fault of the media’s fascination with us. Whatever the causes, this explosion of enthusiasm and interest in yoga has also caused the yoga community to Virasana Pose Yoga have some mixed feelings about this seemingly sudden growth. On the one hand, the exposure has brought about, for the first time, an enormous amount of global awareness about these practices.

This is all exciting and good, but on the other hand, it has also encouraged many inexperienced practitioners to teach prematurely, which can result in causing unnecessary harm to curious beginners. Another problem is that, due to this rapidly-increasing popularity, there are now many overcrowded classrooms due to the demand outweighing the supply. And, without any realistic solution for standardizing yoga-teaching methods, which is not at all the most welcomed idea because of the innumerable forms and schools taught around the world, this can be dangerous territory to tread on. Nonetheless, yoga is gaining more popularity, and more and more people of all walks are seeking information.

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