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In 1919 Sri Yogendra arrived in the US, one of the great missionaries of an Indian physical body culture. As mentioned in the chapter on Colonial Indian yoga, his re-construction of hatha-yoga was informed by a Western discourse of science, esotericism and physical culture (today called fitness culture’). Sri Yogendra was inspired by the Hatha Yoga Pradipika and its focus on the purification of the body. However this interest was orientated by his modernist and scientific discourse of hygiene, therapy and the improvement of the autonomic nervous system’. He stayed only briefly in the US and mainly interacted with the medical scientific milieu here. Hence his ideas left few traces.

I had gained roughly ten pounds, but felt good about my health and my body.Warrior III Pose Yoga To me, it was completely worth it. For the first time, though, the industry was less comfortable with my body than I was. I didn’t like doing the shows much anyway, so I took the cool reception that I received as the impetus for a much-needed change.Warrior III Pose Yoga I knew that I wouldn’t be happy doing this job forever, nor would this job be forever happy with me. I was already becoming bored with it much of the time, and I didn’t care to be scrutinized now that I was an adult woman and more sensitive to the endless projections. I needed to challenge myself. I had often thought of returning to school, so I decided that there was no time like the present to give it a shot.

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