Water Exercise

Water Exercise


The healing power of water and its ability to carry information has been known for centuries, and many therapies have been based on this knowledge. What’s new is that these “hidden” properties can now be made visible. The information carried by the water can be seen as a picture, and this changes our view of it from a mere chemical molecule into a living creature.

In former times there was nothing unusual in holding conversations with nature and nature spirits, even in the Western world. Nowadays, our increasingly mechanistic view of things prevents us from acknowledging these organic perceptions, even if they come into our consciousness. Nothing can be what it’s not allowed to be.

The water-crystal images act as mediators between those of us who are still caught in this mechanistic view of the world and the holographic reality. By “holographic” I mean that you can see the whole of the picture in every part. The images of the water crystals are ambassadors, giving us an insight into the real connections of the universe.

People want to feel safe that’s why a clear philosophy of the life of the world was developed. A new age has now come into being. We can no longer close ourselves to a broader philosophy of life, and we can now find that longed-for safety at a higher level. If we learn how to tune in to this elevated vibration, we can become one with it.

Water is a very honest mirror. The pictures of the water crystals show clearly the effects that different environmental factors have on living systems. But what these images show as well is that we’re not helplessly exposed to these negative influences. Through love and gratitude, we have the ability to improve our world. By thinking and feeling “love and gratitude,” we can actively put a healing process into motion.

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When we look at the water-crystal pictures of negative ideas, the numinous fear that most of us feel disappears. Instead, we empathize with the malformed water. It didn’t choose to suffer in such a manner. In this way, a new state of mind comes into being inside us. We want to do something good for the water and, consequently, for ourselves. We’re not at war anymore with the pollution of negativity. Conflict just produces more harmful energy, which in turn gives rise to more adversity. We don’t want to close our eyes to the negative on the contrary, we’re visually and intellectually aware of it but we use love and gratitude to transform it in a positive way.

From this it follows that we have the ability to take an active part in the creation of our world. This realization gives us not only power but also responsibility. We are no longer helpless “playthings.” What kind of existence do we want to create? What do we want to put into being? Each of us is called on to answer this basic question in thought, word, and deed. If I yearn for peace but nag and scold and condemn all the time, then how can my dream come into being, either in myself or anywhere else?

The pictures of the water crystals stimulate our imagination. We’re so controlled by the left side of our brain, but images affect the right side, and many have the effect of mandalas. I would have preferred to show only beautiful photos, but I thought it was also important to give the left part of the brain some good stuff to ponder, and therefore to question old thinking patterns. In this way the pictures of the water crystals have an effect on our whole mental structure. Simply reading something is one-sided, as is just looking at pictures. It’s only from the combination of both that new realizations can grow and be put into practice in our everyday lives. These images carry a message that reaches us at the mental, soul, and physical levels through the water in our bodies that vibrates in harmony with them.

Like children going through the “Why?” phase of development, we, too, can ask water everything that’s important to us. In this way we can gain an insight into reality as it truly is. Water is a messengerit brings us information about the world and the universe.

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