Yen Yoga Poses

Yen Yoga Poses

Stomach Function (Oriental Medicine)

– Receiving and ripening of food

– Controls digestion of food and water

– Begins the separation of pure from impure—pure goes to storage; impure goes to waste

– Sends the energy downwards

– Keeps digestive system moist, damp and warm for optimal digestive function

Spleen (and Pancreas) Function (Oriental Medicine)

– Governs transportation and transformation of food into blood and QiQi and transports it around the body

– Controls the blood and keeps it circulating to the limbs and muscles to keep them healthy and strong

– Stores and excretes urine

– Keeps appetite strong, healthy and regular

– Allows and supports clear thinking and direction

– Keeps you grounded and feeling supported by earth Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Signs and Symptoms (Oriental medicine)

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