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These first two limbs of Classical Yoga, ofen omitted from Yoga austin class instructions, can make a huge difference in the experience and outcome of yoga practice. Yoga austin Another fundamental teaching of yoga is abhyasa, or constant practice over a long period of time. Patience and perseverance are recognized as essential to successful yoga.

We hope that you experience benefits right away, but those benefits will deepen and consolidate over time with consistent and earnest effort. The third limb, asana, or posture, is the main focus of this book. From the physical standpoint, asana are a means to acquire sound balance, healthy strength, coordination, full ranges of motion, and defness in every limb.

Many poses have names based on their silhouette, such as Vrksasana the tree, Bakasana the crane, and Dhanurasana the bow. Others are named for the mood they convey, afer heroes or gods in Hindu mythology, such as Virabhadrasana after a historical warrior and Hanumanasana afer the mythological figure of Hanuman, the monkey god, the epitomy of strength and devoted service.

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