Yoga Breathing Exercises For Anxiety

Circle the lower jaw horizontally:

Perform circling movements with your lower j aw in the jaw j oint on uah-ua-uah, first horizontally, like a grinding stone. Change the direction whilst doing this.

Circle the lower jaw vertically:

Then circle with the lower jaw vertically on uah-uah-uah-uah. Relax and enjoy the afer effect.

Tickling the palate:

Open your mouth wide, move the tip of the tongue as far back as possible towards the soft palate and move it slowly tickling back and forth enjoyably.

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Then allow your upper and lower jaw to move together relaxed.

Yawning with closed mouth:

Stretch and sprawl and with closed mouth try to yawn, as if you wanted to enclose a ball of air in the mouth. This expands the back throat cavity.

Creating yawning tension through stretching:

Stretching creates yawning tension. Place the palms of your hands on the sides of your lower chest, expand your elbows intensively outwards several times so that your diaphragm comes into stretching tension. Allow your underarms to hang loosely again. Yawn heartily!

Pressing the chest together (standing partner exercise):

Whilst standing Partner 1 presses the ribcage of the seated Partner 2 with both hands in the lower area of the free ribs. Partner 2 has to yawn; it comes to the so-called yawning tension.

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