Yoga Breathing For Beginners

Flaring the nose and the nasal sounding:

Inhale and now close your nostrils with thumb and index finger. Start with the exhalation through the nose until the nose inflates.

Then release the fingers gently and allow the air to flow out explosively with an ng sound. You will also notice how the access to the ears (Eustachian tube) opens.

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Inhale and exhale three times through the right nostril, then change over to the left nostril. Whilst doing this alternately close your right or left nostril with the thumb or middle finger, whereby you can rest the index finger on the root of the nose between the eyebrows.

Alternate nostril breathing:

Breath in through the right nostril and out through the left nostril. Then in through the left and out through the right. Whilst doing this hold the thumb and middle finger on the right and left nostril and the index finger fixed on the root of the nose between the eyebrows. Pay special attention how the air flows past the upper nose conches.

In Yoga alternate breathing without retention of breath is known under the name Nadi Sodhana Pranayama. Thereby the right nostril is closed with the thumb and the left, nostril with the ring finger and small finger, whilst the middle and index fingers are folded into the palm of the hand.

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