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The All-Star poses can be done as a complete Yoga challenge poses practice by those wanting a general arthritis-preventing regime. After the All-Star chapter Yoga challenge poses , each subsequent chapter is specific to a joint or a condition. We describe each joint before going into the poses. It helps to understand what is going on inside your body, and how you might work around your physical difficulties in daily life. Education is preferable to medication. You cannot overdose on education. It does not expire. The main side effect is curiosity.

The answer seems to be no. There are for instance no records of monastic orders calling themselves yogis. There are in this period no texts of which I am aware that indicate a revival of yoga theoria and praxis among the new mainly Brahmin controlled monasteries. We have already seen how among the Vaishnavite monks yoga was an activity of purification enabling the monk to see Vishnu’. From this period, as we will see in the chapter on Tantra, we often get the impression that the main concern of many monasteries was to run their mundane feudal business.

Thus in respect of the written yoga discourse in the early Middle Age – dominated by monotheist Brahmins – we find little innovation and consolidation despite a strong monastic institutional framework. The same considerations and conclusions probably apply to the temples. They seem to become loci for producing Tantric theology – not practical yoga discourse.

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