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The Puranas are a major textual event of this period – hence they have given name to the period: Puranic Hinduism. The Puranas were continuously created, edited and re-written from about 200AD to the late Middle Ages. Many of them were part of the popular bhakti movement spreading over India. They represented polytheistic mythologies under an umbrella of monotheism often recited by Brahmins in courts and villages. They were entertainment, role models and education for the masses at the same time as they provided ideological vehicles to secure rulers’ lineage back in time (Kumar Das 2005).

In the Puranas yoga is generally connected to the worship of a god. Yoga is often understood to mean then there is technique A and technique B which leads to .. The aim of yoga is for the worshipper to reach the ultimate ontological truth’: the One – the ultimate monotheist god. Often yoga techniques or rituals are seen as an integral part of a householder’s daily life infused by piety lived in the name of a god. At other times they are part of death rituals. This wide use of the yoga concept, which we encountered in the MBh, was typical of Puranic Hinduism. Conceptually yoga became hard to differentiate from a religious ritual.

Do not count. To finish the pose, inhale and Yoga denver return to the position in which you began the pose while still active in the body. Yoga denver Do not let go of your focus or your energy until you have come out of the pose fully. Finally, take the time after each pose to feel its effects. At the end of any practice session, rest in a comfortable sitting or lying position for five to ten minutes. Let the effects of practice settle in. The All-Stars We start with a group of poses that are helpful for a number of joints. They reappear in each of the later chapters.

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