Yoga for Anger

A gentle yoga practice is an excellent way to help us manage anger we are using our yoga practice to build more awareness and that gives us an opportunity to identify the causes behind our anger we’re not denying that anger is and valid emotion in fact we’re looking at it very closely. And we do this with our breath practice we are completing the out-breath and pausing for just a moment. So that we can create more space between action and reaction when we’re upset and angry there’s a tendency for us to want to make a statement that we might regret for us to want to take some kind of action which we might not feel good about later on.

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So we use the breath to calm things down let’s come to sitting we’ll move the flesh out of the way and really root through the sit bones, if you’re sitting in a chair let your feet be right underneath your knees exhale completely and pause for just a moment we’re quieting the fires of the third chakra when the in-breath comes. And it opens the ribs out and up we feel the belly expanding softly we are using our yoga practice to help us gain an understanding that our feelings and our thoughts are not who we are. So we can create a little bit of distance and a little bit of dispassion towards a situation that might be causing anger. But we use that anger we use the energy of that anger we harness that energy. And we put it toward positive endeavors I’ve never divine healing yoga you.

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