Yoga for Beginners Specially for Old Age

Namaskar and vivvy that and welcome to an endeavor yoga for old age this course especially designed for old age people who have not done exercising before or any yoga pitha it is designed keeping in mind the limitations of this age as well as the need of this age let’s try and feel the difference join movement 6 this is a basic movement of your knees it will help them to get stronger, if you reduce the pain. And also the stiffness.

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So you sit with the legs in front slightly bent wind along the fingers in such a way that you’re catching the hamstring of one leg you raise the leg slightly up now from here straighten it up and again bend it may not get straight in full. But try to do it and again bend one more time and Bend last time and relax. And then again set normal wait for some time I need to do it with the other leg also, if it’s difficult to balance with this position you can take a support of the wall and rest your back on the wall and do the same practice it’s equally helpful for your knees you.

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