Yoga for Household Chores

When you’re busy doing household chores your body can get very fatigued one of the things that really works well for me is to stop. And just take a downward-facing dog the kitchen counter or at a chair we’re extending the spine and really working with the breath to open up the ribs when we’re working diligently keeping the house clean or doing our gardening there’s this sense of collapsing through the front of the spine. And also through the side ribs. So we’re opening things up by breathing deeply. And then exhaling completely letting the belly come to the front spine pausing.

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And then feeling the in breath come back again, if you do three or four rounds of that type of breathing in downward facing dog it’ll give you a little bit more juice to keep going but, if you’re really exhausted taking 15 minutes out putting your feet up on the chair on the sofa and resting you will really feel the benefits of this rest even, if it’s only 15 minutes your body will respond. And when you get back up again you’ll feel like you have new life in your legs. And some extra energy to complete your health food chores I’m different divine for killing yoga you.

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