Yoga for Kyphosis

When we’re dealing with kyphosis it’s important to get all of the muscles around the size of the ribs opened up the serratus as well as the intercostal muscles and we’re also going to be adding a little bit of something for the back plane of the neck we take the hands far forward in prayer pose. And then we just let the head come down broaden through the collar bones take the shoulder blades down the back. And then begin to lift the neck and lengthen the neck bringing the back of the head. And the skull back toward the ceiling. And then exhaling and letting yourself come down.

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And then inhaling again opening up all of the discs between the bones of the spine exhaling coming back down inhaling really stretching back moving the head back toward the ceiling broadening through the collarbones opening up the armpits over time you can start to reach your fingers forward you can feel your shoulder blades coming together behind the heart here as well now you can take your arms and stack them and rest the forehead. And then press the forehead down. And then lift it back up again rest the forehead down press down into the forearms.

And then come back up lengthening the back of the neck this sequence should be very helpful in relieving some of the tension that we have in the upper chest. And also the neck. And the shoulders I’ve never defined for her namaste.

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