Yoga for Mental Fatigue

When we’re dealing with mental fatigue we’ve got a lot of information coming in we’re trying to process a lot of information as well and a really important practice to take when you’re dealing with mental fatigue is to engage some quiet time meditation it’s not difficult to meditate all you need to do is sit comfortably and close your eyes once we start to work with the breath and focus our attention on the breath the hailstorm of thoughts that are happening that create all of that mental fatigue they start to die down. So let’s come to a comfortable sitting position move the buttock flesh out of the way and let your sit bones rest down into what you’re sitting on let your shoulder blades come back opening up the front of the collarbones and let the shoulders come down the back toward the waist lifting the heart lengthen the back of the neck and take your head back toward the back plane of the body let go the jaws let go of the eyes and close your eyes take a long slow smooth.

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And breath into your feet into your seat into your legs and exhale completely feel that sense of groundedness another long slow smooth in breath on the front of the spine lifting everything in its path exhaling down the back line of the body grounding through the sit bones. And then another long slow smooth in-breath around the head and create this idea of spaciousness around the head exhaling completely when you take a few moments to meditate you’re giving yourself an opportunity to clear the mind and that gives you a little bit more room for thoughts that you really need to be thinking allow yourself to come into this meditation at least a few times a day when you’re having a busy day thank you for joining me I’m Trevor divine.

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