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Hence yoga is about eradicating faults’, faults that pollute and erode social status. But what does the sutra mean by faults’? They are exemplified as anger, excitement, greed, lying – and they can explicitly be eradicated with yoga.

So it seems that yoga is incorporated in a Brahmin discourse of pollution: the young ascetic Brahmin is said to improve his purity (social status) by employing the technology of yoga. The sutra accordingly states that if the Brahmacarin practises yoga, Arya-like conduct, self control, benevolence then he will attain the All. Besides the meaning of to attain the All’ is unclear we see yoga framed by ethical living. This is new. As we recall ethical living was a central part of the Buddhist and Jain path to liberation but did not play much of a role in the yoga discussions of the Upanishads. We note that in this pure Brahmin genre (Brahmins writing for Brahmins about Brahmins), where we can assume that the discourses of the Kshatriyas played no or little role, yoga is informed by ethics. But it is not the universal ethic of the Sramanas.

Point your fingers up. Lift your hips, spine, Yoga instructor training and chest as you inhale, then roll each shoulder under so that your weight is on Yoga instructor training the tops of your shoulders. Point your knees straight forward. Lift and extend your tailbone toward your knees. You can clasp your hands underneath you for more support, pressing the arms down to lift more. Interlace your fingers but separate the wrists. Contract the buttocks, firmly lengthening them away from your waist without squeezing tightly. Stretch the sides and the center of the body down from your throat out through the legs, unfolding your own power.

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