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Manually reach under your hips and widen the pelvis and upper Yoga janelle monaethighs by pulling the skin and muscles back and out to the side. This will help Yoga janelle monaeyou to tilt your pelvis forward. Tighten the quadriceps of the straight leg, pressing the knee and thigh down to the floor, stretching the heel away from you. Evenly stretch your toes up and back toward you to complete the stretch of the back of that leg. Press both sitting bones down and back. Inhale and extend up through the spine. Exhale, with hands touching the floor, and turn toward your extended left leg. Place a belt around your left foot and hold it with your right hand.

There is a rich abundance of such examples from Vedic texts assuring the reader about the qualities of acquiring magical power160. This empowerment would also include health, strength, beauty, mind power and other desirable human features: transforming humans into super humans.

Here is another example from Apastamba Dharmasutra describing the supernatural power of the ascetics: Now they realize their wishes merely by visualizing them; for instance the desire to procure rain, to bestow children, second-sight, to move quick as thought, and other desires of this description.

So even before yoga was conceived there was in Northern India a shared belief system that ascetics roaming the forests – Shaman-like groups – possessed supernatural powers. This would become a continuing theme throughout history.

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