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Briefly turn the front of your legs in toward the midline Yoga jokes , so that the heels, thighs, and pelvis widen in the back. Pull your Yoga jokes tailbone toward your heels and toward the floor. This stabilizes your lower back, enabling you to stretch forward more strongly. The legs will rotate back to center so that the backs of the knees face straight up. Lift up onto your forearms briefly to pull your upper body forward away from your legs. Lie back down and put your hands to the sides of your chest, with your fingers pointing outward a bit and your forehead on the floor. Lift your shoulders away from the floor, keeping them square across. Inhale; lengthen forward through your whole torso.

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The cultural sub-system of yoga consisted mainly of amateur Kshatriyas and urban elites, who deliberately distanced themselves from some of the teachings of the main Sramanic groups of liberation professionals. Let us investigate this.

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