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Rather, a large group of muscles, each flexible and Yoga kalamazooindependently contractile, moves the shoulder blades or holds them in place each time the arms move Yoga kalamazoo. These muscles span an enormous spatial range in the body; they include the omohyoid and pectoralis muscles arising from the jaw and sternum, to the latissimus dorsi muscles that originate at the back of the pelvis.

When you consider how moving the arms and shoulders changes your center of gravity, the activity at the shoulders is practically the whole body’s business. Figure 5. The shoulder blade and the main muscles that control it and the arm. The shoulder’s function is mostly related to supporting the arm and helping us do things with our hands, such as reaching and turning, twisting and carrying, and operating devices as various as a tennis racquet, a button, an automobile, and a scalpel.

Sometimes the job of the shoulder is to hold things steady, as when you are taking a photograph, brushing your teeth, or performing tasks that utilize the fine muscles of the hand, such as typing. At other times, the shoulder does the lion’s share of work, for example, when you are throwing a ball, where the hand only controls the release of the ball.

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