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Iyengar says this is the most difficult pose. Make sure Yoga knee pads the space is quiet and safe from distractions. You might like to have a folded blanket Yoga knee pads under your neck and head, a rolled blanket under your knees, and a third to warm you. An eye cover may help to relax your face and retreat from all outer stimuli. See 215 for use of belt. Lie on your back with arms at your sides, about twelve inches from your body with your palms up. Adjust your hips by turning your legs inward to widen the back of the pelvis, then let the feet roll apart as you relax. Lengthen the buttocks away from your waist if you feel any compression in the lower back.

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Such an underlying and general shared belief system (habitus) I define as a power discourse, when it creates social differences – high status identities (which is the same as symbolic capital ) – between groups and individuals. Thus sometimes habitus – unconscious mental habits – are implicit power discourses. When we associate and link incoming new signs and phenomena with this established power discourse, they become powerful symbols. By linking into an already existing power discourse new forms of symbolic capital can emerge in our case encoded into the yoga sign.

In general, a power discourse gives people a shared and taken-as-given belief system of symbols. It generates common and shared projections in a population with the result that certain practices and groups become special, valuable or frightening. This is what symbolic capital builds upon, it makes symbolic capital possible. Hence symbolic capital presumes and is enabled by power discourses.

So in the following section I will outline the power discourse of semi-divinity / supernatural powers, as it creates the symbolic conditions of the power of yoga. By looking into this discourse, we even have reasons for why the individual might have taken up yoga (despite the reasons he himself gives). Further we certainly have a reason why society accepted yoga practice and why it could spread instead of being dismissed as a farce.

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