Yoga namaste

The absence of ethical living

What is remarkable about the early yoga discourse in the Upanishads is what it left out. There is a signifying absence of fundamental proto-yoga traits we find cultivated within for instance Jain and Buddhist discourses. In the figure below we see that the foundation – a necessary condition – for even embarking on the efforts of liberation is an ethical lifestyle.

Work patiently. Hold the pose for a few breaths. Yoga namaste Gently release, then reverse the arms. You can lean the right upper elbow against a Yoga namaste wall for support, which takes some of the strain out of the pose and may actually intensify the stretch. 1Again, in this somewhat constricting pose, work toward expanding from the inside. Purpose: To strengthen the arms and shoulders and stretch the front of the chest, improving shoulder extension. Contraindications: Total hip replacement, inguinal or ventral hernia, lumbar spinal stenosis. Prop: A chair.

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