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In summary we realise that the list of competences ascribed to the ascetic specialist, like the capacity to engage with spirits and ancestors, presented as use-value, are in general about generating power and difference – symbolic capital. A person who can talk to ancestors is a powerful person. He needs to be listened to because he possesses a rare resource – cultural capital – that few people have. The discourse charges the ascetic specialist with symbolic capital – power and difference – which he can use for social transaction and exertion of power. Thus the discourse of asceticism often entitles a person to a leading position in the community.

Each historical culture creates its own version of use- and symbolic-value associated with austere practices. As asceticism is geographically and historically spread over such a variety of societies, we here face an ancient code or habitus which was an integral part of Shamanic cultures and the later societies of Northern India. If we now once more return to Northern India, as semi-pastoral Aryans settled and dominated non-Aryan aboriginals, we find that their discourses contained strong elements embodied in the code and habitus of asceticism.

Contraindications: Acromioclavicular subluxation, posterior labral tear. Props: Yoga near meA belt, possibly a wall. Avoiding pitfalls: Stand up tall to avoid distorting the Yoga near mespine. Stand in neutral Tadasana, with your feet parallel. Place a belt over one shoulder. Raise your right arm in front of you. Turn the palm up. Retract the arm back into the socket and raise it up near your ear.

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