Some people prefer to be guided through Yoga Nidra. If this sounds like you, here are a couple of options I like that you can find online.

VIDEOS: Drinking the Shaman’s Tea (; Yoga Nidra: Total Deep Relaxation (

APPS: Being Still: A Guided Relaxation with Annette Brown by Altaland; Yoga Nidra: Sacred Sleep by Kanya Kanchana

You’ve probably heard about oil pulling, but what about energy-pulling? Through this practice, we are able to correct and piece back together our fractured energy.


To begin, identify where you are feeling fragmented, out of sorts, or off of your game. Perhaps your thoughts are spiraling, your anxiety or stress levels are high, or you are feeling distracted. All of these are symptoms that your energy has been fractured, which means you need to pull it back together and into yourself.

Begin by imagining all of your energy, floating around you. Concentrate on your breath and visualize pulling all of that energy back into your spine, gathering your energy back into your epicenter. Imagine the energy traveling up and down your spine and that you have access to this energy to pull from when needed. This can be done at any time, including when you are on the move, walking around, in your car, or laying down at the beginning or end of the day.

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