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Where is the sign of asceticism then pointing – the actual physical practice, the represented’? The physical practice consist of a wide range of austere methods developed in different cultures: fasting for long periods, sitting in the sun for hours, wearing no clothes, sleep deprivation, keeping the body immobile, living in social isolation, extreme simple diet, long breath restraints, sexual celibacy, being silent for years, putting the body under enduring pain.

Most people wonder, why self-inflicted pain? Why do we encounter it in so many cultures? In very general terms, it seems that ascetic practices of painful self-denial lead to Altered States of Consciousness (ASC). Various cultures and ascetic discourses then ascribed different meaning to such mental and physical efforts and to the ASC accompanying the painful efforts.

They are spelled out fully in Appendix III. The goal Yoga outfits of these actions is to center the femoral head in the acetabulum nner Spiral The thighs turn Yoga outfits in toward the midline, move back, and spread apart. This action broadens the pelvic floor and seats the head of the femur back in the acetabulum It also takes pressure away from the inner edges of the hip joints, where arthritis usually begins, and it arches the lower back, an effect which is balanced by the Outer Spiral. luter Spiral The base of the sacrum moves down and forward, and the thighs rotate outward. This action takes the outer thighs back, completing the effect of seating the head of the femur back. The lower back lengthens and the pelvis is stabilized over the legs. Poses Purpose: To loosen the hip joints and become aware of the range of motion for inner and outer rotation. Contraindication: Late pregnancy.

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