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It places your spine into its natural lumbar, and cervical Yoga poses 2 person hard curvature alignment. So, instead of lying on a hard wooden floor to do crunches, Yoga poses 2 person hard your body will instead be in a neutral position, allowing your abs to do all of the work. You’ll have to do fewer reps and you’ll see faster, better results. There are two positions to address before getting started: Supine or flat on floor with knees over ball: You can place the ball against a wall for some of the exercises if you require extra support when just starting out.

Supine on top of the ball: It’s best to sit on the ball first when starting off and then move down to adjust the stretch. Make sure your ribs are actively stretching away from your pelvis, with your tailbone resting gently into the ball. 54 Un-Crunches BENEFITS: This is the best way to learn how to properly do a crunch, because the point of this exercise isn’t to crunchyour muscles, but to create long, flat abs. Lie on your back, knees bent, feet flat on the floor.

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