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The process of Hinduisation constantly threw up new communal institutions, communities and cultural fields. Often they crystallised around female goddesses of the tribes. Kula communities surfaced worshipping the goddess Kubjika (who would later turn into Kundalini, who is central to hatha-yoga). Other groups adopted the goddess Sakti – documented in the Saktatantras – to such an extent that Siva for once had to step down from his dominant position.

Most of these groups emerged out of rural provincial interactional and institutional dynamics. They should not be classified as Sramanas or similar. They were not positioned within the cultural field of liberation, but as we shall see their culture/ religion came to transform and re-configure the field. This happened around 900 AD as Saivite cults – called Trika (meaning triad of goddesses) – embraced and domesticated the practices of Kula and Krama. What became significant was that Trika slowly turned these rural clan and low-caste practices into civilised, elite liberation practices for high-castes. In other words the antinomian clan institutions or practices had physically travelled from the Little Tradition into the Great Tradition.

Among the Trikas especially one Saivite theologian became very influential as he merged Saivite yoga known from the Malini with these new Tantric antinomian rituals. In that process he developed what many might call a Tantric yoga – a yoga employing Tantric practices in order to achieve Saivite release. He wrapped it all into a mystical non-dual philosophy very similar to the Advaita Vedanta philosophy of the Brahmins. This person was Abhinavagupta and his main work was Tantraloka.

Alternate sides. Do 5 times on each side. Perform Yoga poses 3 person easy up to two sets. Your oblique abdominals are deeper and typically weaker than your other abdominal Yoga poses 3 person easy muscles. Plus, one side is usually stronger than the other. This is especially true in scoliosis patients and people who sit for long periods. Focus on the side that feels weaker in order to create more balance in your body. 56 Reverse Crunch on Floor BENEFITS: Strengthens your core muscles, specifically the lower portion of your rectus abdominal muscle.

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