Yoga poses for 4th chakra

You will really feel your hamstrings with this one! Remember Yoga poses for 4th chakra to maintain a neutral spinal position and exhale when lifting off, initiating the move from your Yoga poses for 4th chakra lifted pelvic floor. Do this 10 times.

INTERMEDIATE Diamond Hip Lifts BENEFITS: This move strengthens your abdominal, inner thigh, and butt muscles. To help keep the ball steady, you can place it against the wall optional.

Lie on your back on the floor, with your legs on top of the ball and the soles of your feet together, knees open out to the side. Apply pressure to the ball with the outside of your feet, on the pinky toe side, and continue pressing your knees open wide, recruiting the back of your hips, while stretching your inner thighs. Lift your hips up and down off the floor, maintaining a diamond shape in between your thighs. Keep the front of your pelvis open and flat.

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